Diamond Cut Insurance is a local, family owned and operated Insurance Agency. Combined, there is in excess of 100 years of expertise between all the agents! We are all natives to the area, and love being a part of the vibrant Pacific Northwest.

Larry and Cheryl first started Soundview Insurance in the 80’s, and Crystal joined the team soon afterward. When DCI in 2016, Crystal joined the Janowicz’s as a partner. Julie is second generation, and has grown up in the business.

Our business plan has always been to counsel and advise, not to pressure you into a sale. We strongly believe in educating people on the best options and coverages. For example, we do not write policies with State Minimum limits because we feel that it is not in the best interest of our clients should you need to file a claim, so we will never offer you low limits or shoddy coverages.

We are one of the few insurance companies that will not sell out. Have you noticed that all the small agencies have been disappearing? Well, you probably wouldn’t unless you realized one day that your agent was gone. You won’t be the first, or the last, to contact us after losing your agency and realizing you have no one to talk to anymore. We have no plans to ever sell out and plan to be here and contributing to the community for many, many years to come!

What’s so great about an Independent Agency, like Diamond Cut Insurance? What isn’t great about using an independent agent?! With DCI, you have choices. We are appointed with a ton of different carriers, so you have many different insurance options. If you have a possible claims question, we are here to counsel you on and help you determine if it makes sense to open a claim. Plus, we are your one stop shop for all personal and business insurance. Our business owners love having one phone number to call for all their insurance needs, and it helps to eliminate any possible gaps in coverages.